In the dynamic world of payment methods, individuals and businesses have an expanding range of choices to suit their diverse spending needs. From traditional banking avenues to cutting-edge digital wallets, the landscape of financial transactions is continually evolving. In this article, we take a look at the various payment methods available to Universal CDN customers, including PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, Credit/Debit Cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and the innovative cryptocurrency transfers via BitPay. Furthermore, we want to introduce the new and enhanced billing system with a convenient prepayment option, providing customers with an even broader spectrum of seamless payment solutions at UCDN.

Universal CDN Billing features the following payment methods:

PayPal: Convenience and Security

UCDN’s enhanced billing system seamlessly integrates with PayPal, offering users a streamlined experience. By linking their PayPal accounts, customers can facilitate swift and secure transactions. PayPal’s renowned buyer protection and dispute resolution mechanisms enhance the security of payments, ensuring peace of mind for all parties involved.

Pay for UCDN services with PayPal
Pay for UCDN services with а Bank Wire Transfer
Bank Wire Transfer: Global reach and Reliability

For international transactions, bank wire transfers remain a steadfast choice. With UCDN’s improved billing system, users can navigate the process with ease, ensuring that funds are securely and efficiently transferred across borders.

Credit/Debit Cards: Convenience and Rewards

The universal acceptance of credit and debit cards is amplified by Universal CDN’s billing section. Users can now use their Visa and Master cards for easy and fast payments. The potential for rewards, cashback, and enhanced security measures further enhance the appeal of card transactions.

Pay for UCDN services with а Credit or Debit Card
Pay for UCDN services with Google Pay
Google Pay: Integration and Efficiency

The integration between Google Pay and UCDN’s billing system is seamless, ensuring efficient transactions. Users can effortlessly sync their Google Pay accounts, expediting the payment process. With Google Pay’s ability to store multiple payment methods, flexibility is at every user’s fingertips.

Apple Pay: Ease and Privacy

Integrated with UCDN’s billing section, Apple Pay provides convenience and transaction privacy. Customers can initiate transactions swiftly using their Apple devices, benefiting from enhanced security features.

Pay for UCDN services with Apple Pay
Pay for UCDN services with crypto currency using BitPay wallet
BitPay: crypto currency transfers 

Universal CDN goes a step further by embracing cryptocurrency payments through BitPay. Accepted cryptocurrencies including BTC, BCH, GUSD, PAX, USDC, ETH, DAI, DOGE, LTC and others. Cryptocurrency payments offer users a decentralized, secure, and transparent method of settling invoices.
*Cryptocurrency transfers can take from 5 minutes to 3 hours to complete.
Contact our Support if you need additional help.

Prepayment note: Keeping an active balance

Prepayment notes can be paid with all payment methods available to customers of UCDN with CDN Package accounts, and it is a way to maintain an active balance, ensuring seamless coverage of future invoices.
*A prepayment note can be issued after a personal request to UCDN Support.

Add balance to your UCDN Package account with a prepayment note

UCDN Account types:

Universal CDN TOP-Up Account

For start-up and low data demanding web projects UCDN suggest using a CDN Top-Up account, where you pay as you go for the spent traffic and storage volume. Each CDN Top-Up account has a head start with a free registration and 10 USD bonus for 30 days.

CDN Top-Up Account Billing:

You can add money to your active balance easily with the new UCDN billing system that integrates PayPal, Credit/Debit card, Bank Wire, Google Pay, Apple pay and BitPay wallet (cryptocurrency payments) into the billing section of your account. Navigating your available active balance is easy and can be seen in your account user panel. Additionally you can take advantage of our UCDN Bonus for topping up your account.

*Learn more about UCDN Top-Up accounts here

Universal CDN Package Account

For projects that have experience with other CDN operators, UCDN suggests starting with a monthly CDN Package Account. Before starting a CDN Package you need to request a free CDN Package Quote with the specific requirements of your web project, so a tailored, efficient and cost-effective solution for a stable, fast and secure collaboration can be offered. Additionally you will receive a free trial period with no commitments for a successful integration and testing.

CDN Package Account Billing:

A CDN Package Account receives an invoice that is prepaid at the beginning of each month and it is valid for the month ahead. Customers can check their paid and pending invoice in the Billing section of their account. With just a few clicks, customers can pay their pending invoices with ease by using PayPal, Credit/Debit card, Bank Wire, Google Pay, Apple pay or BitPay wallet (cryptocurrency payments). UCDN also introduces the possibility of keeping an active balance to cover future invoices.

*Learn more about UCDN Package accounts here

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