We Wish You a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year

To all our past, present and future customers, we thank you for the gift of trust that you put in us to deliver your valuable digital content to the whole World. Our content delivery network is growing fast and we are constantly working on upgrading our services to handle the loads of current demand that the web is presenting.

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Universal CDN is here to help

Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus delivers presents to all just in time for Christmas?
Well, we heard that he is using a complex network of helping elfs and all of them become Santa for a night, so he can get the job done. Imagine having the superpower of copying yourself, so you can be available in …

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Universal CDN Black Friday

Are you ready for Black Friday at Universal CDN? Recently we introduced UCDN BONUS for adding funds to your Top-Up Account Balance. Seeing the happiness of service and pricing in you, our customers, we decided to DOUBLE the BONUS amount for DEPOSITING to your UCDN Account BALANCE on 25.11.2022 – UCDN Black Friday!

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Universal CDN Bonus
for Top-Up Accounts

Get more and pay less! UCDN Bonus allows you to take a cost-effective approach and lower your CDN traffic and storage costs. Simple and easy FREE Registration as a Top-Up Account can boost your online business to new frontiers…

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Universal CDN Top-Up Account:
FREE Registration and Bonus

When it comes to connection and content, all of us want a fast, non buffering experience.
Fast internet can ensure your part, but when the digital project or website you are trying to connect to is located on another continent and having many users trying to connect from different locations, things don’t seem to load so fast, do they?

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