Growing is not easy, yet some find a better and smoother way than others – just like in business.
Knowing what to do, accuiring needed resources, keeping statistics, acting in time, delivering your service and product in the fastest, safest and most comfortable way possible are keys to future success and expansion.
Social, Media, Video, Photo, Gaming, Trading, Esports, File Sharing, Apps and other web platforms have the need for fast content delivery to their users around the World and tools that are developed in the sector of their operations.

What is your web data demanding project?

Universal CDN Data Bandwidth Services

All successful web projects already know the irreplaceable value and benefits of a Content Delivery Network.
A CDN allows them to deliver digital HTTP content at the fastest speeds in multiple regions of the planet in a safe and easy scalable way. With demand for video and game content raising to record values, Universal CDN offers a range of tools for your Online TV, Video on Demand (VOD), RTMP to HLS, Live Streaming, OTT services like Transcoding to different streams qualities (UHD\FHD\HD\SD), Stream record to mp4, DVR function, Re-Streaming to other platforms and non-stop development of new features and services.

Universal CDN Packages Services

Universal CDN Packages include a fixed monthly amount of traffic and cloud storage with a low overage fee if you exceed the limits of a package. You can add any of our services and request for development or implementation of additional features. With a CDN Package account you will get a cost-effective price for the bulk of your traffic and storage on a monthly basis up-tp 70% lower than our Top-Up fixed pricing. Scalability is easy, as we encourage growth of all projects with the best service with the most cost-effective price.


2 to 5 USD per TB in EU and US
(0.002 to 0.005 USD per GB)

Universal CDN Traffic and Bandwidth Cost

CDN Cloud Storage

22 to 25 USD per TB in EU and US
(0.44 to 0.5 USD per 20GB)

Universal CDN Cloud Storage cost


Universal CDN Global coverage


Universal CDN offers easily scalable bandwidth and storage


Universal CDN HLS Live Streaming Services

Anycast DNS

Universal CDN Anycast DNS support

Access Security


Universal CDN Bandwidth Analytics panel


Universal CDN HTTP2 and HTTP3

SSL Security

Universal CDN SSL Certificates

Instant Purge

Universal CDN PURGE with control panel or API

OCSP Stapling

Universal CDN OCSP Stapling


Universal CDN Gzip BROTLI Compression

AWS S3 Support

Universal CDN Amazon AWS S3 Support

How does a CDN Package Account work?

After filling in your project details in our CDN Package Account Registration form, we will be able to pinpoint a cost-effective solution for the content delivery requirements of your project. You will be given a custom FREE Trial to test out the speed and services of our content delivery network. After this trial period has passed you will be given a CDN Package offer at the most cost-effective price for your requirements with a low overage fee as invoice in your registration email at the beginning of each month.

Let’s get started!
Universal CDN FREE Trial and Quote
*FREE CUSTOM Trial based on project
*Realize savings on bandwidth and storage
*NO initial or CDN account FEES
*FREE 1TB Storage
*Universal CDN SUPPORT & DEV

If this is your first time learning about a content delivery network, we suggest you start with a Universal CDN Top-Up Account that includes a Free 10 USD Welcome bonus with no commitments. With a pay as you model, UCDN Top-Up Account is highly beneficial to all web projects of Start-Up companies with little or no Video Live Stream Service needs and less than 50TB of monthly bandwidth usage.

Learn more about: Universal CDN Top-Up Account: Free Registration and Bonus