When it comes to connection and content, all of us want a fast, non buffering experience.
The Internet connection you have can ensure your part, but when the digital project or website you are trying to connect to is located on another continent, things don’t seem to load so fast, do they?
Imagine logging into Netflix or HBO today, choosing what to watch and when the movie starts, every 30 seconds you start seeing a Loading sign for the next scene of the movie … not cool and frustrating, right?

This is why a modern digital project, that wants to connect to its users around the World and support their loyalty, must first present the needed digital service and content at the fastest speed possible. With a CDN, every website and digital business can maximize customer satisfaction and retention, when it comes to digital content delivery.

UCDN.com is here to help you expand and manage a high demand.

Universal CDN - The best choice for your content delivery online

Are you a website or digital project owner?

Scalability is costly with traditional hosting companies, this is why in the modern age of the internet there is a needed solution for delivering your digital content fast, secure and in an easily scalable way at a cost-effective value.
With multiple caching servers located in Zones Europe and North America, UCDN can deliver your content at the fastest speed possible, with no lag or buffering over HTTP/2 & HTTP/3 network. When you create a zone and attach your project, an exact copy of your content is distributed to all available access PoPs in the Zone. This way it can be served from the closest point to your users at all time and ready to be viewed with no delays, lag or buffering.

What is Origin?

An Origin server is the location from which your files will be pulled by the CDN. This can be either your hosting operator, your own server that you are using for your web project or storage provided by UCDN.

Edge Server ?

The Edge servers are numerous caching servers distributed across various locations around the World that make a content delivery network and with us they are combined in Zones.
Caching Edge Servers store a copy of the origin content and the network ensures that it will be distributed to every user that is searching for it, at the fastest speed possible.

Universal CDN Edge caching server

What is a Top-Up Account?

A Top-Up Account is a prepaid pay as you go account, where you preload funds in your balance and sum is withdrawn only when you use our services. You have the availability to top-up your account at any time. Topping up your account ensures that you would continue using the services with the available amounts you have loaded into your account. If however you wish to stop using the services, you can simply stop making deposits.

Why choose a UCDN Top-UP CDN Account?  

We at UCDN.com have more than 10 years of experience in building the right content delivery network approach for every digital business, so it can be fast, sustainable, scalable and cost-effective. A top up account is perfect for your first CDN experience, or if your project does not yet have a defined monthly traffic, but needs to handle high loads from different locations and viewing devices. If you have a digital project or website aiming to grow bigger and expand to new markets and territories, a content delivery network can provide the infrastructure to achieve this task. Top-Up CDN accounts are more suited to digital businesses without an understanding of a certain number of TB or Mbps Traffic for the month to come, so it is better for them to pay as they go and top up only the needed amounts to continue using UCDN services, as the need for traffic and storage increases, without making any extra expenses or overpaying.

With UCDN Top-Up CDN Account you will get a fixed price for delivery and storage of text, code, image, video, gaming assets, app data and other high load digital content in Zones Europe and North America at the most cost-effective value on the Prepaid CDN market.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

We give you the availability to add up-to 10 aliases (CNAME) to each Zone that is created and add SSL Certificates to each one of them.
If you do not have your own SSL Certificate, we will support you with a FREE LetsEncrypt SSL.
Universal CDN supports automatic installation of LetsEncrypt (LE) certificates for all custom aliases (CNAME) added to the CDN zones.

The best Universal CDN Cloud Storage

CDN Cloud Storage

UCDN offers high speed CDN Cloud storage optimized for your large text, image, asset or video files and galleries. From the Storage section, you can create or remove storage containers. Also, you can check the bytes occupied or the number of objects stored. Once uploaded, your files can be accessed from any available PoP in the Zone.

The best Universal CDN Traffic Analytic

Traffic Analytics 

With a Top-Up Account, you will start to understand how your traffic flows and what locations are more relevant than others. The Analytics section will give you detailed information on network parameters of the collected data for a specific period and CDN Zone.

The best Universal CDN Instant Purge

Instant Purge

With a CDN your content is being copied to multiple machines in different locations, in order to delete a previous version of the files in the CDN Zone you must use Instant Purge.
You can: Purge Through the API
Purge Through the CP

The best Limit Access by Universal CDN

Limit Access

You can secure your content by limiting the access to your CDN zone(s) and assets.
Learn how to Limit Access.

The best HTTP2 and HHTP3 Network by Universal CDN

HTTP2 & HTTP3 Support

The new standard for Better, Faster, Stronger, more Secure way to deliver your Data.

Universal CDN Top-Up Pricing

The best pricing by Universal CDN

With Traffic in Zones Europe and North America billed at 0.005 USD per GB of bandwidth and CDN Storage at 0.5 USD per 20GB of stored data, we ensure one of the most cost-effecive pricing value on the content delivery network market.

UCDN Top-Up Account Trial Bonus

To all Activated Top-Up Accounts, we include a 10 USD Trial Bonus valid for 30 Days. UCDN does not require a payment or financial verification to activate Top-Up Account Trial. You can Activate your account by verifying your email of registration. The 10 USD UCDN Bonus is FREE to use for CDN Traffic & CDN Cloud Storage from the start!

For some projects this bonus can last for a full month, for others it can last for a few hours, this is why we made sure to inform you via email and your UCDN account about the current balance and threshold warning for recharge of your account, so you can continue using our CDN services.

FREE START Account with Universal CDN - Bonus 10 USD

How to get a FREE CDN START?

Universal CDN invites all digital entrepreneurs to expand their projects with a FREE CDN Start.
You can do this by filling in the form for criteria on your TOP-UP Account registration, so we may set up the CDN to work in your favor. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the info to fill in the form or it’s your first time, because during the trial you will come to understand your CDN traffic and get an analysis of performance to see what value a CDN brings to your web project.
Our team is passionately waiting for the next interesting digital project to advance to the Global web and are here to assist with all possibilities of UCDN support and development.

Universal CDN Top-Up Account FREE Registration
NO CARD/DEPOSIT is required to START
NO initial or account monthly FEES
FREE 10 USD CDN Trial Bonus

If this is NOT your first time learning about a content delivery network, we suggest you ask us for a CDN Package Offer that includes a Free Quote, Trial and Registration. UCDN Package Account is highly beneficial to all web projects with 50TB or more Bandwith usage and need additional video streaming services.

Learn more about: Universal CDN Package Account: Free Quote, Trial and Registration