Digital Entertainment is rapidly growing in demand and the possibility for anybody to create an Online TV channel is a fact. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and many other big and small companies you may or may not yet have heard of act as a Subscription or FREE (with Ads) Video on Demand Channels served as OTT Media service. The possibility of rewinding and choosing what to view and when to view it is something that traditional television lacks and it is more comfortable for the modern user.

Do you run an Over-the-Top (OTT) Media service?

If you heard what a CDN is, then you already know that it is a vital part for every OTT Media success. The most important thing for the viewers is the content which must be delivered at the fastest speed possible, while running smoothly. It is obvious that your visitors have interest in the content you are producing when they are on your links, but in many cases they are disappointed by slow load times, buffering or lag, so they decide to check a competitor’s website – just like changing the channel. A Content Delivery Network can provide the infrastructure for achieving fast content delivery and the best user experience for retention and growth.

Scalability with a CDN

If you run an OTT Media service, the aim is for your user base to grow, right?
You need to think about every viewer, as each one generates additional traffic to your website / project. You need to think about fast scalability to handle the increase in demand.
The use of CDNs allows you to scale your project easily depending on how much bandwidth is required to deliver your content effectively, and at UCDN we can provide you with that in addition to the most cost-effective price for this purpose. Our CDN will take care of all services that are necessary to meet your OTT needs such as: 

  • Nearest Point-of-Presence 
  • Live streaming
  • RTMP Support
  • ABR Transcoding
  • Transmuxing to HLS
  • Re-Streaming
  • DVR
  • Cloud Storage


We constantly develop new tools and features to meet all requirements for any type of OTT media projects.

Security with a CDN

Security is a critical part for any OTT Media service. There have been numerous cyber attacks in recent years, and now more than ever it is important to protect your content and users. CDN providers have a range of Security features that help your media stay protected and your user data confidential. This can include firewalls, HotLink Protection, DDoS protection, API Key Access, Encryption methods. Taking advantage of these advanced security features is important for every CDN user.

Performance with a CDN

User experience is everything. This is why you need to ensure our viewers that they are at the right place. You can start by delivering your video content in high quality format with instant load times, respective of the viewing device with no buffering and no lag. UCDN can help you with this by optimizing your content delivery according to the visitor’s location and device type. This results in a smoother streaming process for all viewers, which will increase customer growth, satisfaction and loyalty.

A Content Delivery Network will help optimize your performance and enhance user experiences at no additional cost. UCDN is here to help with any additional requirements you may have considering content delivery, stream features and security.

A CDN will give you better Results and Viewer Retention

The Value of a Content Delivery Network is in the fast connection to users and scalability for digital business. OTT Media platforms can lower their service costs and optimize content delivery according to their users location and device type, thus gaining more loyal viewers.
In addition, CDNs provide advanced security features that can keep your data and viewers safe.

By now it should be obvious that if you are looking to improve your OTT Media services you must consider a CDN partner.

UCDN has an easy to use system and can help you scale your OTT Media business. If you want to get started right away for FREE with a BONUS, just Register a Top-Up Account and get started in 5 min.

If you have experience with a CDN and want to change, expand or just get a better offer for your project, you can fill in a form for a Custom Package and get in contact with our team for the best and most cost-effective price on the Video CDN Market.

We are here to help you grow!