What is a CDN Bonus by Universal CDN?

This is a bonus amount of digital money, that is added to your UCDN Balance after a successful top-up.
Yes! This means you will have more availability for paying less!

Based on the amount of your top-up you will receive a different UCDN Bonus.
You can use this bonus for CDN Traffic or Cloud Storage, as it will be part of your Total UCDN Balance.

UCDN Bonus gives you extra capital, so the basic average cost of using our services goes down.
This is a cost-effective way of getting a cheaper price for CDN usage on a pay as you go model.

Top-Up accounts are billed at a fixed price of 0.005 USD per GB of data (or 5 USD per TB) served in European or North American zones and 25 USD per TB of CDN Storage (billed by 20GB increments).
Example: When you top-up your account with 200 USD, you are getting 30 USD as Bonus coming to a total of 230 USD. If you use this amount only for traffic in EU or US Zones, this will calculate a total of 46 TB of data served !
If you had only 200 USD in your account (with no Bonus), this will calculate a total of 40 TB of data served in US/EU Zones. Just a hint … 1000 gets 200 bonus and brings the average price down to 4 USD per TB.
However, you may decide to use it for additional cloud storageit’s your choice!

Fast scalability and cost-effective saving with Universal CDN

Does a CDN Bonus expire?

UCDN Top-Up Accounts DO NOT have time limits for usage on the available amounts in your UCDN Balance after your first top-up to balance. Once a bonus amount is added to your account, it is considered as part of the full amount of your account. You can top-up your account and the amount might last you for a longer or shorter period, depending on your personal traffic and service usage. We made sure to have all the necessary notifications, so you can stay informed on the status of your account.

*The FREE CDN Start Bonus of 10 USD is valid for 30 days from activating your account.
*UCDN Bonus on topping-up to your balance does not have a monthly expiration and can be used in the next month.

How to get a CDN Bonus?

First you must create an account by filling in the details of your project (as much as possible) in our form for Free Registration > UCDN Top-Up Account. The first Bonus from UCDN that you are going to receive is the 10 USD Welcome Bonus to test our CDN services. The only thing needed from you is a valid HTTP project and to verify your registration mail.

Successful Registration to Universal CDN

Done? Yes = You are ready!
Start INTEGRATION immediately by adding a Zone.
Visit our HELP center or write to us about further support if needed.

After or before finishing your trial, you can go to the Billing section of your UCDN Account and select one of the available top-up options. You can use various ways of payment for Top-Up processing like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay or Apple Pay depending on your availability. As soon as our system receives confirmation of a successful Top-Up transfer, you will receive in your UCDN Account Balance the transfer amount + the corresponding bonus as a total.

Universal CDN Top-Up Bonus

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