Last Friday (on May 10, 2013), Universal CDN or UCDN, which is one of the leading Content Delivery Network services provider in the U.S. and the networking subsidiary of XBT Holding, announced that it has now selected Anycast routing to improve the DNS Request handling and thus improve the performance and efficiency of its CDN solution.

Now by moving its CDN solution to Anycast DNS, the visitors to UCDN’s customer websites will be redirected to the closest DNS as well, thus reducing the domain name lookup time drastically and hence improving their performance. UCDN also mentioned that it has already deployed the new architecture changes at all its locations in Europe, North America as well as Singapore data centers, and so the performance improvements will be visible to its viewers around the globe. The main benefit is expected to be for the large gaming websites, which use CDN’s solution to improve their file download times.

At its end, UCDN mentioned that Anycast DNS will help its customers have better performance gains for their viewers and stated that the Company would continue to improve its offerings further.