In every field, when thinking in terms of effectiveness, usually we have in mind things like resources needed, how much time will it take,  third parties involvement, additional value and growth potential , PR & marketing effect, risk and other elements that could help us consider if a concrete thing is worth our attention.

Content delivery field is not an exception.

It is an important, potentially-super-profitable and exponentially growing business area in which it doesn’t  matter if you are big or small, positive or negative, video, text, or audio oriented. Your potential for world-wide impact is equally big.

In reality – this is what makes the internet – what it is – an “Equalizer”. Every player – with equal chance for a mass reach.

As probably you already know, before you dive deep into the content world, in order to reach all those millions of potentially thirsty-for-what-you-have-to-say-visitors, you will need a “Content Delivery Network”. A normal hosting just won’t cut it. (If you are new to the terminology, just check out our article about “The A-B-C of CDNs – Demystification for startuppers”).

So naturally, you stumper upon the need to receive this service in the most affordable, understandable, easy-to-use possible way and on top of that, you actually need someone to be there for you every step of the process, so that you don’t loose any valuable time in researching something, that isn’t even your in area of expertise, but instead focus on important stuff of your business.

That’s another important part of what it means to receive something cost-effectively. To get the chance to spend your efforts and resources on important things, and delegate the other stuff to the right partner, with no risk!

But let’s get back to the core meaning of Cost-Effectivenes.


It all comes down to 3 things:


The Technical Part

(Features & Innovation)

  • All the needed technological features
  • Services Customization on demand
  • Always implementing the latest innovations
  • Super-fast setup – start in less than 5 min.
  • Extensive help with walk-troughs and how-to’s 

The Commercial Part

(Prices, Pricing Methods & Conditions)

  • Pay for what you use model. No lockdown!
  • No hidden fees or additional costs
  • Real-time costs measurement
  • Prices starting at 0,008 $ / GB for EU & US
  • Exclusive prices for clients over 25 GB / month

The Human Part

(Support,  Treatment, and Attitude)

  • Actually getting treated as a human being
  • Understanding your business  to provide the best solution
  • Investigation of every concern of yours so that you could sleep well
  • Taking full care of your content delivery, security, and storage so that you could focus on your business
  • Proposing important innovations even before you had heard of them so that you could lead your industry
  • Taking the time to explain


Now top all that with the free month, that we give you, so that you could have the chance to:




…And you got your “The most Cost-Effective Content Delivery Network” in the World!

If you are interested of learning more about UCDN or ask us anything, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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