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There is a simple truth about why you should never think of a price as the major factor when considering which CDN to choose to work with…

And here it is:

Low price “comes at a price!”


To understand this in full, just think about what is it that you are paying for…

Basically, each Content Delivery Network company provides a triage of the following 3 elements:

Technical Part

(Features & Innovations)

Commercial Part

(Prices, Pricing Methods & Conditions))

Human Part

(Treatment, Attitude & Reliability)

On the other hand, the CDN market is incredibly competitive.

That means 3 things:


1) Every CDN company offers almost the same features and innovations

2) Every CDN company has lowered as much their pricing as possible

3) Every CDN company is trying to provide as good customer support as possible


…knowing that, ask yourself…

“How could a CDN company offer a drastically lower price than its competitors?”


…and the answer becomes pretty clear…


This company would have to make a compromise with one or more of the 3 parts above!

So, how could you avoid falling for a compromised service?

And the answer is:  “Look for Cost-Effectiveness!”

…or in other words – the co-relation between the 3 parts and their elements…

Technical Part

(Features & Innovations)

  • Needed technological features
  • Customization on demand
  • Innovations availability
  • Fast and Easy to start and use
  • Available help articles, guides, and walk-throughs

Commercial Part

(Prices, Pricing Methods & Conditions))

  • Freedom of choice in terms of payment methods
  • Freedom to pay for only what you have used and without any hidden or over-complicated payment models
  • Real-time costs and spendings measurement and information
  • Great, competitive pricing
  • Better conditions (discounts) for larger volumes

Human Part

(Treatment, Attitude & Reliability)

  • Actually getting treated as a human being
  • Understanding your business to provide the best solutions
  • Investigation of every possible concern of yours
  • Taking care of your content delivery, security, and storage so that you could focus on your business
  • Taking the time to explain

Find a CDN company that provides Cost-Effectiveness before simple pricing!


Need a suggestion? Here you go:


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