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What actually happens when you start using CDN



When you are not a Tech Guy, It’s only natural to wonder what actually happens when you start using CDN for your site or platform or mobile app.


In general, 3 things happen:

  1. You switch your files URLs to new ones that point to the CDN servers instead of the previously used hosting ones (or yours)
    1. When I say files, This usually includes:
      1. Video Files
      2. Image Files
      3. Audio Files
      4. Small library files ( for ex. .JS and  .CSS)
      5. Any Downloadable files (if let’s say you are in digital files selling business)

2. You provide your CDN  with the source for those files so that they could “copy” those files on their servers and start serving them for you. (And yes, your files are safe and secure, and no one uses them)

3. When a visitor comes to your site, they see your site the same way it was before the CDN. The only difference is, that they load the mentioned files above from the CDN servers instead of yours or the servers of your hosting. That way you avoid common problems such as slow loading times or service stop because of peaks in traffic


The first two points are happening on the platform of your CDN provider. After registration, usually, they provide you with access to it, where you can manage your content and all the ways it is served through the CDN.

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