Every time I speak with people about Content Delivery, I hear the comments – “Oh, yes, it’s about making your videos and images load faster…”

Well, that’s true, but surely is not the most important reason why to use CDN!

If you ask me, I would consider the traffic peaks as a major issue for the content providers – at least for those who successfully bring traffic to their content.

What do I mean?

Well, let’s say you are creating and distributing content to different parts of the world.

Hopefully, your content has some good quality and you are pretty good at marketing it.

The result – people will visit and consume your content.

Great, so where’s the problem?

The problem…

Much users…

…not so much server power.

Let’s face it, normal hosting companies simply don’t have the capacity to provide you with the resources needed for international and even further – multi-continental content delivery.

In other words – when thousands of people try to reach your content in the same moment the “music stops”. It’s just the way hosting technology works.

And here’s the moment CDNs come to the rescue!

Specifically designed to handle big traffic peaks from different points in the world with an ease.

In case you are wondering how platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tinder, or e-commerce stores like Etsy, eBay or Amazon function normally from every point of the world – that’s how 😉 They all use CDNs.

To top that – all the content is “served” from the closest server to the client that requests it. What do I mean? Imagine your client/content consumer is in Australia and you try to serve your content to him from a server in the UK… Yes, you guessed it right – it will be slower than if you serve it to him from the server in Australia. That’s what CDNs do – they serve your content from the closest available point to the place where the request is made.

And that’s the second big difference between hosting and CDN – CDNs have servers all over the world, hostings – only in one or few countries (usually).


So basically to sum it up – with CDNs you serve at an intercontinental level and at a scale far beyond normal hosting.

If you need some more questions, please do not hesitate to:  ask us anything!

We are always trying to help quality content get to the people!

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