Speed Up WordPress Performance with UCDN

WordPress became the most dominant content management system(CMS) on the market — the fastest growing web publication software. According to a survey published by Netcraft, the active sites are estimated at over 1,3 billion, and 35% of them are powered by WordPress.

Performance is a key factor that affects your WordPress website and could have a big influence on the page UI design and UX design, bounce rate, and SEO ranking. There can be lots of factors that affect your page performance, but UCDN has the IT infrastructure to immediately improve the loading speed of your WordPress website.

In this article, we’ll give a summary of the basics of how to improve the performance of your WordPress website by implementing UCDN. Our network is designed to host and distribute the content of your WordPress website such as images and video files.

How UCDN Improves Your WordPress Website Performance

In essence, the UCDN service is caching groups of powerful servers that sync between each other. You can store the content of your WP site on our end or on your origin server. By implementing UCDN service when a user requests content from your website, the UCDN fetches that content from your origin server or from your storage and then saves a copy of the content for future requests. So, next time when the same content is requested it will be served from our edge servers, not from the origin.

Let’s see how that’s beneficial for your WordPress website

Increasing your website speed is the most considerable reason why you’d opt for Universal Content Delivery Network. The fast website directly results in better user experience, low bounce rates, and will lead to prolonged web visits. This is done by moving your content to our network, consisting of powerful edge servers at multiple data centers that are specifically optimized for faster content distribution.

Removing the need to pay for high-priced web hosting services

UCDN is an international Content Delivery Network. This means that our platform works across different continents and regions for a fair price, which is excellent if you have a tight budget. This is an inexpensive way to improve your WordPress website’s performance across the world.

Improving Website Security

UCDN is situated to act as a virtual high-security firewall and prevent attacks on the content of your website that we have cached. The on-edge position as well makes us ideal for mitigating DDoS floods outside of your core network infrastructure.

Improving website availability and uptime

High availability is guaranteed since your website is simultaneously stored on our multiple edge servers at data centers.

Enhancing SEO

More website speed and better performance mean a better SEO ranking as a result. By implementing UCDN you can also use the latest security technology like enabling a secure HTTPS connection and using the new HTTP/2 protocol to enhance your WP site speed and its uptime.

If you have questions about implementing Universal Content Delivery Network to Your WordPress Website, you could contact us at https://ucdn.com/#contacts

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