To the world, we are Universal CDN – The Most Cost-Effective CDN in the World!

In short – that means affordable CDN services, low-cost CDN investment, and cheap content delivery but rich on features!

But for our team though, things are so much deeper…


“We believe that content is what makes the internet meaningful, helpful and interesting!  All kind of it…
That is why we try to help great content get to the world!”


We also realize that behind great content – there are people.

People with interests, needs, desires, plans, and ideas.

People with limited time, resources and tech skills, that not-always match what’s needed for delivering their great content to the world, but nevertheless wanting to try!

People like YOU!

That’s why we decided, that it is about time someone to start thinking of you.

Yes, You – Video Sites with amazingly ravishing footages.

You – The premium content sites that help people achieve their goals every day and teach us how to succeed.

You –  Artists, that make our world more colorful and funnier.

You – the brave Social Media creators, that are the builders of today’s social relations.

You –  publishers, who never get tired of creating your own vision of the world and sharing it with us.

You Mobile appsters, that fulfill our free time while traveling or waiting in hallways.

You – e-commerce gurus, who make our life easier with all the good stuff you put at the tips of our fingers…

And yes,  Let’s admit it – you – delicate content providers, that give us the forbidden fruits, when nobody is watching …

So, we just wanted to tell YOU – We want more great content and we are willing to help!

Use our effective, affordable and innovative content delivery solutions and scale without thinking about tech, huge fees or potential flexibility of your providers…

Grow with us – Universal CDN – The Most Cost-Effective CDN in the World!

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