If you want to use only our CDN service, please check this tutorial:  How to integrate UCDN with WordPress using W3 Total Cache?

1. First you need to install W3 Total Cache. You can download it and install it using the following URL:

2. Once your plugin is activated, you will get new link in your WordPress menu ‘Performance’

How to use UCDN storage with WordPress

3. You need to go to plugin’s General Settings and CDN section

4. You need to enable it CDN feature and choose ‘Self-hosted/ File Transfer Protocol Upload’. Save All Settings

5. Go to CDN from the plugin’s configuration.

6. You will see a dialog where you will need to fill your FTP details for created storage at UCDN panel.
Check this tutorial how to create a storage: Create storage .

You can find your FTP details here Storage upload.

It is important to note, that for “FTP Path” you need to enter the name of your container, since the FTP account is common for all containers under your UCDN account

7. After that you need to set the hostname from which your content will be served from Universal CDN. You need to enter either our default  CNAME or your custom alias which you have configured. You can also choose whether the content should be loaded using HTTPS

If you want to use the storage as backup only, you can skip this step.

8. Now you need to sync your data to the cloud. You can do that using the following options:

You only need to migrate Attachments, wp-includes/files and theme files. In order to upload CSS and JS, you need to enable minify.

For more information how to use the plugin and all its options, please refer to its FAQ section.