Adapt your business as the COVID-19 emergency continues and an increasing number of cities and countries are establishing quarantines.

Empty offices, full homes: coronavirus crisis strains the Internet infrastructure, new data shows. There is a 40% spike in Europe in network traffic due to the COVID-19 crisis. Since the virus has spread to almost every country you can expect traffic increases in other parts of the world.

Network operators in the UK have reported significant jumps in traffic. Vodafone has said it is experiencing a 50% rise in internet traffic across its UK fixed-line and mobile networks.

Verizon issued a press release this week that said it’s seeing a 34% spike for VPN on its network while video streaming increased by more than 12% in Verizon’s week-over-week numbers.

If you don’t take proactive steps to address website or app performance, peaks in online traffic can cause websites or apps to slow down and ultimately crash.

The CDN can prove to be vital in boosting the performance of your website and user experiences. Improving website load times and security, reducing bandwidth costs are just part of the advantages you can get with UCDN!

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