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A Content Journey of a Non-Tech Entrepreneur – Intro

A Content Journey of a Non-Tech Entrepreneur – Intro


As the CMO of Universal CDN, I have direct contact with some fascinating entrepreneurs who conquer the digital content world every day!

What do I mean by Entrepreneurs? I mean people, who come-up with a stuff to do for money on their own. It’s that simple.

Well…the full picture might be a little more complicated.

They run companies (often they are like a start-ups really). Sometimes they are freelancers or they do all of these at the same time. And sometimes they have full-time jobs too…

I know – it’s not productive, it’s counter-intuitive, it’s psychological suicide and a free time-killer.

And yet – They are lovin’ it!

I’m pretty sure you do too… If you are consuming this content, then chances are you are the same breed as them – the entrepreneurial.

Not necessarily a company owner or a freelancer.

You might be one of those beautiful minds, that pushes the company that he or she is working in, to the next levels…

Yes you could be entrepreneur in somebody else’s company! You create, innovate, push and amaze every day, so that somebody-else’s business could flourish. And that’s OK! Not just OK. Because of people like this, we have companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tesla and many more!

It is not about their famous leaders! Or at least not everything is about them.

It is equal contribution between people like you – “corporate entrepreneurs”  and them!

On the other hand –  you could not even think of it like entrepreneurship – you might just have a blog on a side and you write or “vlog” there regularly about stuff that fascinates you and you are not thinking of making any money out of it…yet.

It doesn’t matter! What matters is that you understand the feeling. The feeling of being entrepreneur.

So, being two of a kind, you and them – you are probably going pretty much trough the same rough challenges in today’s digital era.

What I’m going to do with these episodes is – I’m gonna’ try to make your lives easier, by sharing every step of our client’s entrepreneurial journey and everything that I learned in the processes, concerning the enormous subject of content.

Why content…? Because as you already know – content is “the new black”.

Every entrepreneur, every marketer, even every tech guy nowadays is all about content. Reading, watching, producing, sharing, discussing…

But there is so little about delivering it. And I mean delivering it in a technical terms.

What I didn’t say yet is that the client that I picked to talk about, is  NOT a tech guy! Honestly – he is pretty lame!

As an entrepreneur in our time, he have no choice but to get along with technological trends, must-knows and every-day social media knowledge. But beside that – he faces regular challenges trying to do digital business.

This is how the idea of these episodes came up – If he has troubles, probably every non-tech entrepreneur has too!

So that said, let’s get back to the content topic – delivering the content.

I will walk the whole process – from the first Idea of a business in the content field, trough the research and all the relevant knowledge about what make sense to know and what is totally worthless, and all the way to the finalization of the process of delivering the content to the end customer!

Please feel free to send me ( ) any additional questions, cases and / or anything connected to the discussed subjects, that you believe will help the digital, but non-tech entrepreneurs in their tech journey!

See you next week with Episode 1 – where I will share our client’s business Idea, what it is all about and how it is connected with the contend field! (And I promise you – it is not the thing, one might suspect to hear when talking of content…)




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Is The CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Universal CDN. Nick is Experienced Marketing Professional, Influencer, Entrepreneur & Founder of Several Start-up companies. He runs a successful Business & Marketing Consulting company. You could find out more in his LinkedIn profile:

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