As I mentioned in my “Intro-article” , I am going to tell you a story.

A real story of an entrepreneur who has an interesting business in a digital content world.

Like any story, ours has it’s own character – his name is Nick.

Nick has a super-power! Nick is an entrepreneur!

He owns a company which, besides it’s core service, is aiming to start selling digital products online.

Nick has unique know-how and expertise and wants to sell it in form of well-shaped digital tools, that will give the world his know-how and in the same time will help him monetize his knowledge, providing him with additional income channel.

Now, to make it more clear, why I picked Nick, I would like to point out that the “Nick-example” is very simple to any other content-oriented business. In our example, the content are the tools (files), that Nick is going to sell online.

Or to shape it even further – content could be any digital type of  information, shaped in a digitally-accessible way.

Some other examples are: Videos, Audio files, Text Articles, Online games, any type of downloadable files, online-accessible software such any SAAS etc.

The story of our Nick starts exactly then – at the moment he decided that he want to sell online!

To really understand why that moment was so important, we should take a closer look at this current situation of his.

Up until then, Nick had used only a static webpage to promote his services. In other words – that means he had a website which helped him to tell the world about his services and to promote his work.

As usual – his site was hosted by a hosting company, that provided him with all the needed services so that potential clients from his country could access it without any problems.

Ok, so where’s the problem – the anxious to get to the point readers could ask…

Well, once the idea was born in Nick’s head, there came all the possibilities…

First, Nick started thinking – “Ok, if what i have to sell is written in a language that is spoken in multiple countries, and it has obvious value for all the people – not only for those in my country, why shouldn’t I sell it internationally?”

The next question that came up was – “Is my hosting provider offering such service? Is my website going to be accessible from anywhere in the world?”

And of course, like it is often seen  in the entrepreneurial world – there was the first challenge.

It became clear, that hosting companies (usually) do not provide such service.

It also became clear, that his site was no-longer going to be a static webpage but a lot more like an e-commerce platform, where a lot of end-clients could access (and pay) for his content simultaneously  – which in fact was the hurdle …

But like every good story, mine has it’s chapters too. This one ends here.

See you next week with the second episode, where we will see  what exactly was the problem with multiple clients buying files at the same time and if not hosting, what was the solution…