We came to the point in our story, where Nick – our proud entrepreneur is on a verge of starting to deliver his content via Content Delivery Network.

As I mentioned in our last episode, he found out that the right decision for his business was around maximum cost-efficiency.

Having that in mind, we got to the point where he made his choice about a provider of such service and now I’m going to continue our story with the real-deal – process of starting using services of Universal CDN!

As mentioned before, Nick already had a website which was made on the WordPress platform. His decision was to continue using the same site and to add his products as an separate section on the same site.

At that point Nick Contacted us via our contact From

I remember he had a number of questions, which were normal for a non-tech entrepreneur.

So I’m going to share them with you, in order to save you time and effort if you are going trough similar process:


How to move my operations from normal hosting or server to UCDN?

UCDN Team:

The idea of the CDN is to provide fast loading of your static content ( css , image , video, premium files, etc) . You will keep your normal hosting but the heavy traffic load will be served by the CDN, reducing your monthly traffic cost in the hosting and reducing the time needed for the image/video to be loaded.


Should i continue using Worpress (and woocommerce) or should I use some more complicated solution – For ex. Pretashop (when thinking selling content)

UCDN Team:

It doesn’t matter what platform you are using, since the content delivery is made outside the wordpress/prestashop platform. You just need to point your content to the CDN by following our tutorials in help.ucdn.com


Do I need to put all my site on UCDN servers or just the files that I’m going to sell?


UCDN Team:

Only the static content you want to deliver to your customers faster.



Are my files going to be secured when stored with UCDN?

UCDN Team:

We have different mechanisms which can be used to secure your content.

1. Limit access by referer.

2. Limit access per country

3. Limit access by using security token. You can find more information at : http://help.ucdn.com/articles/cp_limit_referrer http://help.ucdn.com/articles/cp_limit_countryhttp://help.ucdn.com/articles/cp_limit_key .

As an addition, our storage system is internal and your content on the storage/origin cannot be accessed from the outside.

Furthermore you could check our official privacy policy here.


If I put my files on UCDN servers will I need to replace all of Origin paths of all images, files etc?

UCDN Team:

Yes, the pats will need to lead to the new place where they are stored.


OK, one final question – is there an easy way to do all files transfer to your servers?

UCDN Team:

Yes. Please check our article on how to use a wordpress plugin, to speed things up and make everything easier. You could find the article here.


From that point the sharp entrepreneurial mind of Nick didn’t needed more to make his step towards his business goal.

He signed up via our automated sign platform

The next step was to actually start delivering his files with the CDN.

As the special article about the plugin to use in order to implement WordPress files with UCDN explained, Nick needed to put his files to be accessible through the content delivery network.

With some help of his tech guy, they managed pretty easy to establish all the needed arrangements and in no time Nick was serving his files securely, to the entire world in the fastest possible way!

From that point all the attention could go to the Nick’s most-important task – the business itself!

Moreover, Nick startet to experience the sweet consequence of “the cost-effective” factor from the first month!

His expenses could’ve much higher and he could’ve received much less help and features for his dollars, if he didn’t researched the market and didn’t found us…

So, that was Nick,s story – a successful non-tech entrepreneur, who had an idea to conquer the content market and did so successfully with the right partner!

Are you in his shoes in some way…?

Don’t hesitate! Contact us Now!

See you soon!