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A content journey of an Entrepreneur – Episode 2

A content journey of an Entrepreneur – Episode 2


As I mentioned in our previous article in today’s episode we will talk about Nick’s first hurdle on his content business journey.

To be more specific – what exactly was the problem with multiple clients buying files at the same time and if not hosting, what was the solution?

Just as a reminder – Nick (one of our entrepreneurial clients) had an Idea to sell digital tools online and his first step was to make it possible for people from all-over the world to be able to access the files.

Being a client of a normal hosting provider, naturally – the first question that Nick asked himself was “Can I continue the same  old way, or I need some additional services to make my content accessible?”

After some time, a lot of articles and quite big amount of frustration, Nick finally stumbled upon the article that made a little sense out of all technological nonsense. (You could find it here)

It pretty much explained what he needed to do and gave him the needed clarity without making him get a masters degree in IT…

So at that moment Nick knew, he needed a Content Delivery Network.

But, as with every popular service in the market, the CDN field was overcrowded too…

How could Nick – a non-tech entrepreneur to make the right choice…?

The obvious answer was – ask the guys from the tech department. In his case that was one guy, that had made his webpage the first time.

Being an entrepreneur though, Nick had one more important thing in mind – the money! He knew, that he couldn’t afford any of the biggest  CDNs, but at the same time his business gut was whispering in his year that  a cheap solution will cost him more when inevitably the challenges come…

So what was the solution Nick and his Tech Guy came up with?

As in any business field, this case wasn’t an exception. The magic word was cost-effective! In other words – to find a solution that  is a combination between convenient pricing methods, flexibility in approach and provided features, helpful and always available customer service, enough innovations to be up-to-date and competitive in the crowded business field and all that to come at fair pricing so that his investment make sense…

This is actually how Nick became our client.

First, he needed to understand better the idea about Universal CDN Cost-Effectiveness.

Since UCDN is  proud, exactly with it’s cost-effectiveness position, no wonder Nick got to our article  “WHAT ACTUALLY MEANS “THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE CDN”?” which made his decision very easy!

Because I provided you with more than enough food for thought, I leave you here with the promise for our next episode, where Nick’s story will go through the process of starting using services of Universal CDN.


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Is The CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Universal CDN. Nick is Experienced Marketing Professional, Influencer, Entrepreneur & Founder of Several Start-up companies. He runs a successful Business & Marketing Consulting company. You could find out more in his LinkedIn profile:

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