Did you know that Universal CDN applies Brotli compression to some types of content by default? Our reverse proxy compresses specific types of files on the fly! This means that we can pull uncompressed content from your origin server and serve it to clients compressed using Brotli.

Brotli is a type of compression developed by Google Inc. It is an Open Source technique and based on the modern LZ77 algorithm, 2nd order and Huffman coding context modeling. This will boost the website performance much more in all browsers.

In September 2015 Google released a new version of Brotli that could be used for more than just fonts. The new release focused on using Brotli as a general HTTP compression method as an alternative to gzip / deflate / Zopfli.

Brotli compression is currently supported by the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome: Chrome 49+
  • Mozilla Firefox: Firefox 44+
  • Opera: Opera 36+
  • Safari: Safari 11.1.2+
  • Edge:  Edge 15.14986+

If the HTTP Client is not compatible, it will fallback to the standard compression and it won’t be harmful for your content.

The Brotli compression algorithm is a significant advancement since by reducing file sizes it will reduce CDN cost. Google’s case study on Brotli has shown compression ratios of up to 26% smaller than current methods, with less CPU usage.

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